Welcome to Anagenesis


Anagenesis:The Greek word for renewal, renovation and total rebirth lends its name to the company and the revolutionary Anagenesis Trifolia tree.

In English the word is associated with “physical change”, i.e. the evolution in species involving a change in gene frequency in an entire population rather than a branching event. In time, Anagenesis will be synonymous with green energy and the birth of environmental prosperity.

Anagenesis Trees Corporation [ATC] was formed to bridge the current technology gap in large-scale Cellulosic Ethanol and Green Electricity production, namely huge global demand and the absence of a credible, sustainable supply.

Anagenesis Trees Corporation possesses the tools with which to redress this balance and, in so doing, spur a wave of commercially viable and environmentally friendly investment.

ATC possesses three compelling intellectual property assets:


Trifolia Tree

The unique, patent pending, extremely fast-growing, pollution clearing Anagenesis Trifolia tree, that re-grows repeatedly from its own stump once harvested and is destined for large-scale production on our proposed forest farms.



A revolutionary, proprietary, cost-effective cellulosic ethanol production method that is highly efficient and produces valuable byproducts without any wasteful residue.



Specially designed biofuel electricity generators that conserve energy and channel back the hear usually lost to form a CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM , which generates zero emissions energy